Rambling: Meet The Team- Part One


Oh hiii from the Makan kitchen team!! 

These guys help us create and send out our Malaysian goodness all across the UK and they are AWESOME. From every curry to every fritter and every box – everything is made with a lot of TLC by the people in this pic and though we might not be able to pose for a family photo very well (Sue had many, many troubles working out the timer on her phone) we know how to run a slickkkkk kitchen.

Go on, show us a better team!⁠

Before there were 5 of us in the kitchen, there was just us – Kat & Sue – and building our team with these incredible people has meant that we’ve stopped completely burning out and we’re seeing fewer grey hairs and eye bags … Which is also good for you because it means we’ve got more energy and time to spend  thinking about you and what exciting things we can deliver 🙂 

⁠So watch this space for more specials and pop-ups coming your way!⁠


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