Rambling: We’re Business owners???


Bosses? Business Owners? Tycoons?!! us??? nahhhhhhh… Just 2 years ago no one would ever put us and those words in the same sentence as us but recently someone referred to us as tycoons and we were like huh? These guys?? we just want to makan lahhhhhhh!! ⁠But also, we are definitely not tycoons!!

We’ve turned our passion (eating) into a livelihood and then into a business and from the outside, it may look like we’re ‘on the ball’ and know what we’re doing buuut look at those faces! It’s craziness back here  And the more people we meet, the more we realise that no one is really ‘on top of it’ or really knows what they’re doing, especially in these times!⁠

One of our biggest lessons learnt over the past year is that everyone is just figuring it out as they go, you’ve just got to keep going.. and that’s what we’re doing so that one day we can be real tycoons  It’s often a lot more difficult than it sounds to keep going especially when it means a world of change and uncertainty but with with a strong goal and commitment (yes, this bit was hard for us too) you can get there! Anyone can! ⁠


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