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About Malaysian Food

Malaysian cuisine is the ULTIMATE fusion food!

Think big, bold flavours, complex spice combinations and, of course, The Sambal – a spicy chilli sauce that is served with just about every dish we have!

Malaysia’s geographical benefits and economic opportunities have attracted many migrants since the beginning of global travel – Chinese, Indian, Tamil, Portuguese, Dutch, Arab and Japanese (to name a few!) – and all have had some influence over the delicious dishes that we love to eat. Migrant workers and travellers saw the introduction of spices such as cardamom and ingredients like peanuts into local Malaysian cooking to create the truly unique cuisine we have today and where would we be without our rendangs and peanut sauces??!!

We’ve found that Malaysian food is often likened to Thai or Indian food, and whilst there are common ingredients, it is absolutely a category of it’s own! If you’re not sure if you’ve had Malaysian food before, then you definitely haven’t – you wouldn’t be able to forget the rich flavours and the joyful feeling it brings 😉 And there’s always something for everyone, spicy, not spicy, carbs, no carbs, heavy and light there is a Malaysian dish for you!

We could go on … and on about how amazing Malaysian food is, but why not try it for yourself and take your tastebuds on a wild ride at one of our pop ups or order the goodness straight to your door by heading to our online shop ?

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