Rambling: Why We Do What We Do!


So this isn’t the most flattering picture of us – we’re sweaty, full and sleepy from ALL the food but we’re SO HAPPY! And that’s just what it’s like in Malaysia, it’s humid, you’re hot and, more often than not, uncomfortably full but still loving life because you’re surrounded by amazing food!!

⁠These roadside plastic tables & chairs where food is served on colourful, delicious plates from different food stalls are where we spent most of our childhood – before school with breakfast roti canais, after school for some chicken rice … and sometimes sneaking out of school to Makan some indo mee. Basically being surrounded by food was always our hang out of choice (except for coin beer- IFYKYK ) ⁠

⁠All the memories and good times had whilst eating at places just like this one, is why food is so important to us. And it’s not just us, it’s part of the Malaysian culture – we’ve not yet met a Malaysian who isn’t obsessed with food! ⁠

⁠So we can’t bring you the tropical weather, BUT hopefully it’s not long now until we can host our supper clubs again where we fully transform venues to bring you THE Malaysian experience!  But until then you can still order some tropical flavours from us online and create your own Malaysian experience right at home – unsweaty and without the fear of someone taking a photo of your food coma face  ⁠

⁠We deliver nationwide so anywhere in the UK, we’ve got you covered. Follow this link  for information about delivery for next week. ⁠

P.S We went for a ‘run’ before this meal so we could eat more. And we DEFINITELY ate too much more.


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