Rambling: Malaysia’s National Dish


Coconut Rice, Sambal, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Cucumber & Egg.. that’s right, it’s NASI LEMAK

Nasi Lemak directly translates as fatty/rich rice which is perfect because it is sooo rich in all the flavours… it’s spicy and cooling, crunchy and soft and smells SO SEXY. It’s Malaysia’s national dish and we eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!⁠

The best Nasi Lemaks are the ones you get from roadside stalls that come all wrapped up in a perfect little banana leaf pyramid and you barely make it round the corner before you can resist breaking into it and having a little nibble….⁠

We try our best to recreate this vibe for you with our Nasi Lemak kits and though we can’t send it to you all packed up in a neat little triangle (sorry … but maybe at one of our supper clubs when they happen again) we do give you the tools to DIY, including the banana leaf!⁠

So order your kit today and send us your creations… we love to see them!


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