Rambling: Meet the Team – Part Two


You’ve met our kitchen team, and now here’s the ladies that make everything else happen! There is so much more to running a food business than just the food (seems weird, we know) but we have these amazing gals to support us in ALL the ways:⁠

First up – Kaya dog: she lets us force cuddles on her and keeps us entertained, very necessary. Also, accepts payment in dentastix soo winning all round ⁠

G: aka queen of logistics  ⁠.. she makes sure your packages get to you safely and that we stay on top of doing our job … we require lots of chasing up as we get VERY easily distracted by food. She looks cute but she’s SPICY and whips us and our delivery guys into shape! She also cares about our health more than we do and always reminds us to hydrate which is probably why we’re still alive today.⁠ 

Beckie: Our everything person⁠. Seriously. This woman is amazing and has helped us blossom with all her behind the scenes organisation and hard work. She’s the reason for all the competitions we run and the magazines you see us in… and she’s making sure this new website of ours is happppening! Everyone needs a Beckie in their life. But not ours, we don’t share, sorry not sorry. 

Chan: We basically pay her to be our friend  She has such amazing energy and brings so much fun to our events – she’s also like an extra arm and just knows what we need before we do. We love having her with us at pop-ups! So if you see Chan in our gazebo, she’s the reason your sexy plate of food was served with a smile! Oh, and one time she brought us cookies. AMAZING.⁠ 

And now you’ve met everyone! Our Makan wheel would not turn without any of these people and we’re so grateful for all of them  So when you bite down on that super tender, tasty rendang and you’re like oooooh yeahhhh this is IT – don’t forget to send a lil thank you vibe to the team.


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