Rambling: What is Pandan?


Ever wondered what pandan tastes like or even what it is? For looks, it’s basically a really big blade of grass with a sweet smell and the taste is something we find quite hard to describe… It’s often likened to the Malaysian version of vanilla as we use it in similar ways such as in cakes and desserts but we find it a lot more versatile and also use it for rice, chicken, jams and all sorts!⁠

Here we have pictured some gorgeous pandan madeleines made by amazing pastry chef (and friend) @cocolico! With her Chinese-French background, she really knows what she’s doing when it comes to balancing the fragrant pandan flavour with her perfected madeleine recipe, and we can confirm the result is perfect!

So feeling tempted? Yes? Ok, then head to our online shop to get your hands on these special Pandan Madeleines made just for MM! They’re sexy and vegan and everything you could want in a tea time treat so go on, feed your taste buds to something new!⁠

Oh and make sure you check out @cocolico ‘s instagram to see all her other amazing bakes … but have a napkin handy because you will be drooling!!  pandan makana malaysia yummy pandan madeleines fragrant rambling


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