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Bringing Malaysia to you through food 


Bringing Malaysia to you through food 


Sambalicious acar


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Acar = Pickle

(pronounced ahh-charrr)

Our pickle is made from pineapples, cucumber, cabbage, green beans and carrots and of course, the sambal!!! Combined together you get all the flavours - spice, tang, salt & sweet - a mouth party waiting to happen!



Orders will be delivered on Thursday next week


Eat acar the traditional way with fluffy white rice, or fusion it up by adding it to your hummus on toast or in a wrap - it'll liven anything up!


Approx weight: 400g


Our acar is delivered chilled and ready to eat! Store in the fridge until best before date

All orders will be delivered on Thursday the week after you place your order.

You need to place your order by Sunday night to receive it the following week.

Orders are then cooked and sent out from our kitchen on Wednesday via Parcel Force next day delivery and will be with you on Thursday, barring any unforeseen delays. We send chilled food out in specially insulated boxes that will keep food cool for up to 48 hours.

Please check our deliveries page and FAQs for more information

pineapple, cucumber, carrots, green beans, cabbage, turmeric, lime, Chilli, shallots, ginger, garlic, galangal, tamarind, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, vinegar

none - ready to eat

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