Recipe: Nasi Goreng – Have it your way!


One of the first dishes we cooked together (and still cook A LOT) is Nasi Goreng

NASI = rice and GORENG = fried.

There are so many wonderful things about Nasi Goreng … it can be simple, complicated, spicy, mild, veggie, meaty, eaten hot, eaten for breakfast, eaten as a main, or a side, for hungover days, for dinner parties, with a spoon, with a hand .. the list goes on! But one of the best things about it is that you can generally make it with any random leftovers in the kitchen. This was especially useful to us during university when we would just fry together some leftover rice with eggs, forgotten fridge vegetables and soy sauce – sometimes if we were lucky there was the odd frankfurter lying around too. It was simple but so comforting and just plain yummy.

As we grew our kitchen skills our Nasi Goreng became a little more sophisticated and it’s one of our favourite things to cook for friends. We’d always cook way too much but somehow managed to make it through the wokful of rice with everyone going back for third and fourth helpings (this did not lead to very productive evenings …) It’s just such a friendly dish for everyone to share and an easy accompaniment to stir-fries and curries. If you haven’t already tried making it, definitely give Nasi Goreng a go – get creative and get frying!

Whilst out here in Malaysia we’ve been sampling all sorts of fried rice from roadside stalls, markets and restaurants – all have been amazing! Unfortunately, they don’t usually last long enough for us to take a picture and we’ve only managed to capture 2 to share with you guys so far.. sorry! One of these was sticky fried rice served up at a dim sum restaurant and the other was special fried rice served with some char siew pork, acar and chilli sauce YUM. recipe nasi goreng makanmalaysia


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