Rambling: We Are Responsible


The planet we live on is the only one we have, so it is important to look after it! This is why we try our best to make sure we consider sustainability and the environment as much as possible in our business. We that you recognise that this is reflected across our products and services: ⁠

⁠ALL our food packaging is plastic free and home compostable or recyclable – right down to our ziplock bags, vacuum pack bags and sticker labels! These are made from vegetable starches which mean they can be put with all your other veg waste in the compost bin 🙂 ⁠

Our delivery boxes and insulation are completely curbside recyclable and the icepacks are reusable or safe too our down your sink. The only time we will ever use non-recyclable packaging is if we are repurposing materials sent to us..⁠.

⁠We have an extensive vegan menu, and have given each vegan dish a lot of thought and care because we know how disappointing it is when the vegan option is pretty lame and uninspiring. We’ve also hosted sell out vegan supper clubs pre-covid and are looking forward to doing it again when we are able to!⁠


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