Rambling: Our Veggie and Vegan dishes


Isn’t it SO frustrating when a veggie or vegan option is BOOORING?! We’ve been to a few places in our lives where we’ve found that the only veg option available is a soup, salad or mehh. And even worse than a poor selection? When that dish comes out so PLAIN! ⁠

⁠We don’t ever want anyone to feel left out or disappointed which is why we put a lot of time and thought into creating our veggie and vegan dishes! We make sure that they are equally delicious and an option that someone would enjoy by itself and not feel like it’s just a side, or lacking flavour. 

And if you’re not veggie but are just curious, try lah! We’ve even had some customers prefer our veggie to our meat dishes…

So if you’ve been wanting to eat more veg meals in life or just looking for something tasty – get stuck in with our selection on our online shop!

We’ve got curries, snacks and bundles – you won’t be short on choice! ⁠


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