Rambling: How we make your food safely!


We hope you guys are ready for a food safety lesson today! This giant piece of equipment is our Blast Chiller and it is key to how we get food SAFELY and deliciously anywhere in the UK from our kitchen in Reading 

⁠Sue likes to call it the opposite of an oven, which it is .. or you could call it a reaaaaallly powerful fridge. But basically, it circulates really really cold air around freshly cooked hot food to cool it down as quickly as possible to get it out of “the danger zone” (real industry term, between 8C and 65C) which is the temperature range where bacteria can rapidly grow and multiply  ⁠

⁠Once the food is cooled nice and quickly, we then vacuum pack it in non-plastic bags and by removing all the air, we limit the growth of aerobic bacteria and funghi and extend the fridge life of the sexy food inside! Bonus point: vacuum packing food means that the package is super slim so that you can slide it right into your fridge or freezer and fill it up with even more food!⁠

⁠Once everything is packed and wrapped in specially insulated boxes with gel packs to keep food out of the danger zone we use a 24 hour courier to send orders out to you! All you have to do is decide if you’re going to heat up and makan right away or keep it in the fridge or freezer for later!⁠

⁠Side note: this is the ONLY time we’ve ever used our pallet lifter for its intended use which is why we had to document the moment….usually it’s a giant skateboard or box storage  Soo turns out not necessary buy. Still a fun one though! 

⁠Anyway, hope you enjoyed our food safety lesson today and feel confident that we are doing all the right things to get food to you safely! Order on our website for delivery next week!


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