Rambling: Bringing Malaysia to you through food!
Makan Besar Veggie


Makan Malaysia: bringing Malaysia to you through food  …

Are you still wondering what that means? Well – We’ll tell you – it means we’re making some sexy flavours and dishes from our homeland for you here in the UK so you can actually Eat Malaysia orrrr MAKAN MALAYSIA!


We cook up fresh batches of food every week⁠ in our fabulous new kitchen – you can see our full menu here

and then

We super chill it using our special blast chiller (this cooling beast can take a 5L curry from boiling point to under 5 C in just an hour!). Highly crucial in keeping our food safe to eat⁠

and then

⁠We vacuum pack it – taking out any air to give our food a decent fridge life and, as a bonus, it makes our food packs super slim and easy for you to store in your fridge/freezer (not that you’ll be able to resist for too long.. right?!).

And finally

⁠We send our fresh goodies out to you via next day courier service in special insulated boxes with special ice packs !! ⁠Everything special also!⁠

⁠We do all this EVERY week and dispatch out to you every Wednesday for food to get to your door on Thursday, ready to heat up & Makan or save for the weekend


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