Sambalicious Acar

Acar = Pickle

(pronounced ahh-charrr)

Our pickle is made from pineapples, cucumber, cabbage, green beans and carrots and of course, the sambal!!! Combined together you get all the flavours – spice, tang, salt & sweet – a mouth party waiting to happen!



Orders will be delivered on alternate Thursdays – please check delivery calendar for available dates at checkout. Orders need to be placed by the Sunday before delivery date.

£7.00 inc. Vat


Eat acar the traditional way with fluffy white rice, or fusion it up by adding it to your hummus on toast or in a wrap – it’ll liven anything up!


Approx weight: 400g


Our acar is delivered chilled and ready to eat! Store in the fridge until best before date

Ingredients & Allergens


pineapple, cucumber, carrots, green beans, cabbage, turmeric, lime, Chilli, shallots, ginger, garlic, galangal, tamarind, sugar, salt, sunflower oil, vinegar




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Heating Instructions

None – ready to eat