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Noodle Stir Fry


The best thing about this recipe is that there are NO measurements! The most important factor in this recipe is the cooking method- do not overfill the wok or pan that you’re cooking with. As a rule, do not fill your wok more than a third full- any more and steam can’t escape resulting in soggy veg instead of crispy edges. 


Any veg! Our favourite combo is baby corn, tenderstem broccoli and extra fine green beans

Noodles- we suggest using fresh noodles but dried noodles works too, cooked to packet instructions

Wok sauce


Heat oil on high heat in a wok until it’s smoking

Add the veg and cook until it is lightly charred 

Add noodle and mix with veg

Once the noodles start to char, add wok sauce, enough to coat the switch off and serve immediately. 


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