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Bringing Malaysia to you through food 

Recipe: Brinjal Assam Jawa - Power to the Aubergine!

14 Jun 2021
Recipe: Brinjal Assam Jawa - Power to the Aubergine!

This easy-bake dish is the perfect midweek dinner - quick and tasty to help you get you through to the weekend! Tangy, spicy aubergines like you've never had them before!


Watch our video or scroll down for for full details!

Brinjal Assam Jawa.mp4 from Shopblocks on Vimeo.




Serves 4 people



2 aubergines - quartered lengthways and scored

2 medium carrots - diced chunky

2 shallots

3 garlic cloves


2 tbsp The Sambal (2 tablespoons makes a hot sauce, use 1 tbsp/less if you want a milder meal)

120ml tamarind concentrate

2 tsp tomato purée

1 tbsp dark soya sauce

2.5 tbsp sugar (gula melaka works best, but regular sugar works too)

200ml water


Sesame seeds

Sliced spring onions


Preheat oven to: Fan 180°C | Electric 200°C | Gas Mark 6

  • Slice the shallots and garlic and then chuck them into a large roasting dish with the aubergines and carrots

  • Lightly coat in oil (we use sunflower oil but olive & vegetable etc work too)

  • Season with salt and pepper

  • Put in the oven for 10 minutes, flip the aubergines, then put back in the oven for a further 5 minutes

Whilst the veg is in the oven...

  • Make up the sauce by mixing all of the sauce ingredients in a bowl or measuring jug

Once the aubergines are cooked