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Rambling: Meet the Team – Part Two

You’ve met our kitchen team, and now here’s the ladies that make everything else happen! There is so much more to running a food business than just the food (seems weird, we know) but we have these amazing gals to support us in ALL the ways:⁠

First up – Kaya dog: she lets us force cuddles on her and keeps us entertained, very necessary. Also, accepts payment in dentastix soo winning all round ⁠

G: aka queen of logistics  ⁠.. she makes sure your packages get to you safely and that we stay on top of doing our job … we require lots of chasing up as we get VERY easily distracted by food. She looks cute but she’s SPICY and whips us and our delivery guys into shape! She also cares about our health more than we do and always reminds us to hydrate which is probably why we’re still alive today.⁠ 

Beckie: Our everything person⁠. Seriously. This woman is amazing and has helped us blossom with all her behind the scenes organisation and hard work. She’s the reason for all the competitions we run and the magazines you see us in… and she’s making sure this new website of ours is happppening! Everyone needs a Beckie in their life. But not ours, we don’t share, sorry not sorry. 

Chan: We basically pay her to be our friend  She has such amazing energy and brings so much fun to our events – she’s also like an extra arm and just knows what we need before we do. We love having her with us at pop-ups! So if you see Chan in our gazebo, she’s the reason your sexy plate of food was served with a smile! Oh, and one time she brought us cookies. AMAZING.⁠ 

And now you’ve met everyone! Our Makan wheel would not turn without any of these people and we’re so grateful for all of them  So when you bite down on that super tender, tasty rendang and you’re like oooooh yeahhhh this is IT – don’t forget to send a lil thank you vibe to the team.

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Rambling: What is Pandan?

Ever wondered what pandan tastes like or even what it is? For looks, it’s basically a really big blade of grass with a sweet smell and the taste is something we find quite hard to describe… It’s often likened to the Malaysian version of vanilla as we use it in similar ways such as in cakes and desserts but we find it a lot more versatile and also use it for rice, chicken, jams and all sorts!⁠

Here we have pictured some gorgeous pandan madeleines made by amazing pastry chef (and friend) @cocolico! With her Chinese-French background, she really knows what she’s doing when it comes to balancing the fragrant pandan flavour with her perfected madeleine recipe, and we can confirm the result is perfect!

So feeling tempted? Yes? Ok, then head to our online shop to get your hands on these special Pandan Madeleines made just for MM! They’re sexy and vegan and everything you could want in a tea time treat so go on, feed your taste buds to something new!⁠

Oh and make sure you check out @cocolico ‘s instagram to see all her other amazing bakes … but have a napkin handy because you will be drooling!!  pandan makana malaysia yummy pandan madeleines fragrant rambling

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Rambling: What is Sambal?

So you hear us talk about Sambal and how amazing it is all the time, but what is this thing we speak of?!

Sambal is a Malaysian chilli paste and the cornerstone of Malaysian cuisine. Bold statement, but true. There are many different versions of Sambal, and every restaurant, shop, and grandma has their recipe – but they are full of chilli, oil and local veg like galangal and shallots. It makes a great condiment to any meal, a sexy marinade or just off the spoon deliciousness.

Whilst you can buy Sambal from your local Asian grocer or Supermarket, ours is better. We’ve tried and confirmed, done all of the research so you do not have to. ⁠

⁠At Makan Malaysia, we have three types: ⁠

1. The Sambal – our everything Sambal, best selling, and most versatile⁠. Whilst this packs some heat, also layered with galangal, ginger, tamarind and more! Great on its own, mixed into mayo, as a curry base and however, you want it!

2. Sambal Belacan (pronounce beh-la-chan) – packed full of chilli and fermented shrimp paste, this one is deeper, hotter and very intense. Perfect if you’re looking for a punchy, umami kick and makes an excellent fish marinade⁠

⁠3. Sambal Hijau – the light and friendly⁠ sister to our other Sambals. This one is full of fresh green tomatoes, chilli’s and limes and carries more of a salsa vibe to it⁠
So have you tried the entire collection? Which one is your favourite?

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Rambling: Our Veggie and Vegan dishes

Isn’t it SO frustrating when a veggie or vegan option is BOOORING?! We’ve been to a few places in our lives where we’ve found that the only veg option available is a soup, salad or mehh. And even worse than a poor selection? When that dish comes out so PLAIN! ⁠

⁠We don’t ever want anyone to feel left out or disappointed which is why we put a lot of time and thought into creating our veggie and vegan dishes! We make sure that they are equally delicious and an option that someone would enjoy by itself and not feel like it’s just a side, or lacking flavour. 

And if you’re not veggie but are just curious, try lah! We’ve even had some customers prefer our veggie to our meat dishes…

So if you’ve been wanting to eat more veg meals in life or just looking for something tasty – get stuck in with our selection on our online shop!

We’ve got curries, snacks and bundles – you won’t be short on choice! ⁠

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Rambling: Bringing Malaysia to you through food!

Makan Besar Veggie

Makan Malaysia: bringing Malaysia to you through food  …

Are you still wondering what that means? Well – We’ll tell you – it means we’re making some sexy flavours and dishes from our homeland for you here in the UK so you can actually Eat Malaysia orrrr MAKAN MALAYSIA!


We cook up fresh batches of food every week⁠ in our fabulous new kitchen – you can see our full menu here

and then

We super chill it using our special blast chiller (this cooling beast can take a 5L curry from boiling point to under 5 C in just an hour!). Highly crucial in keeping our food safe to eat⁠

and then

⁠We vacuum pack it – taking out any air to give our food a decent fridge life and, as a bonus, it makes our food packs super slim and easy for you to store in your fridge/freezer (not that you’ll be able to resist for too long.. right?!).

And finally

⁠We send our fresh goodies out to you via next day courier service in special insulated boxes with special ice packs !! ⁠Everything special also!⁠

⁠We do all this EVERY week and dispatch out to you every Wednesday for food to get to your door on Thursday, ready to heat up & Makan or save for the weekend

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Rambling: We’re Business owners???

Bosses? Business Owners? Tycoons?!! us??? nahhhhhhh… Just 2 years ago no one would ever put us and those words in the same sentence as us but recently someone referred to us as tycoons and we were like huh? These guys?? we just want to makan lahhhhhhh!! ⁠But also, we are definitely not tycoons!!

We’ve turned our passion (eating) into a livelihood and then into a business and from the outside, it may look like we’re ‘on the ball’ and know what we’re doing buuut look at those faces! It’s craziness back here  And the more people we meet, the more we realise that no one is really ‘on top of it’ or really knows what they’re doing, especially in these times!⁠

One of our biggest lessons learnt over the past year is that everyone is just figuring it out as they go, you’ve just got to keep going.. and that’s what we’re doing so that one day we can be real tycoons  It’s often a lot more difficult than it sounds to keep going especially when it means a world of change and uncertainty but with with a strong goal and commitment (yes, this bit was hard for us too) you can get there! Anyone can! ⁠

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Rambling: Meet The Team- Part One

Oh hiii from the Makan kitchen team!! 

These guys help us create and send out our Malaysian goodness all across the UK and they are AWESOME. From every curry to every fritter and every box – everything is made with a lot of TLC by the people in this pic and though we might not be able to pose for a family photo very well (Sue had many, many troubles working out the timer on her phone) we know how to run a slickkkkk kitchen.

Go on, show us a better team!⁠

Before there were 5 of us in the kitchen, there was just us – Kat & Sue – and building our team with these incredible people has meant that we’ve stopped completely burning out and we’re seeing fewer grey hairs and eye bags … Which is also good for you because it means we’ve got more energy and time to spend  thinking about you and what exciting things we can deliver 🙂 

⁠So watch this space for more specials and pop-ups coming your way!⁠

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Recipe: Three easy egg recipes – Tiga telur resipi

June 3rd is National Egg Day! Say whaaaatttt?!? We’re giving you 3 super easy Malaysian egg recipes to celebrate – today and every day!

1. Sambal Telur – A true spicy Malaysian food classic

2. Telur dadar bawang – Salty, fluffy, greasy and limp (limp is good in this case).

3. Tea stained marble eggs – great one for the kids too!

All these can be enjoyed as a snack on toast or, our favourite, with freshly steamed rice 😀

First things first – a good quality egg makes all the difference. So spend those extra pennies and make sure you get yourselves some good ones 😉 We use Beechwood Farm Eggs, a local, independent business (yassss we’re all about community) Find out more about them here

Recipe 1. Sambal Telur

Basically eggs cooked in spicy sambal. Yum. Obviously we think it goes best with our ‘The Sambal’ available at our online shop 😉




  • Place eggs in boiling water for 7 minutes. This will give a medium cooked yolk, leave for an extra couple of minutes if you prefer a hard boiled egg
  • While that is cooking, slice onions
  • When the egg is cooked, run under cold water to cool and peel eggs
  • Fry the onions in a pan with a tablespoon of oil
  • Once soft, add sambal and sugar (if using) and mix well
  • Add eggs, stir for 2 minutes
  • Makan!

Recipe 2. Telur dadar bawang

This recipe is definitely NOT a healthy one, but is oh so good for when you’re feeling a little naughty!


  • 1 egg – this recipe is best cooked one egg at a time as it needs the whole pan to fluff up
  • 1 shallot, sliced finely
  • Very generous pinch of salt
  • White pepper
  • 0.5 tsp Fish sauce (optional for extra salty flavour)
  • Oil


  • Fry shallots in pan with 3-4 tablespoons of oil. You want the onions to be swimming in oil.
  • While that is cooking, scramble one egg in a mug with salt, white pepper and fish sauce if using
  • Turn the heat up to get the oil very hot- this helps the egg puff right up
  • Once the oil is hot, carefully add the egg
  • Tilt the pan so that the egg moves and covers most of the base
  • Flip when all the liquid is cooked
  • Your omelette is done when the edges turn brown and crispy!


Recipe 3. Tea stained marble eggs

This one takes a little more time and planning but definitely worth the wait for a great eggy snack.


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 black tea bags – English breakfast or chinese tea works
  • 120mL light soya sauce
  • 30 mL dark soya sauce
  • 200 mL water
  • Teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 clove


  • Place eggs in boiling water for 7 minutes. This will give a medium cooked yolk, leave for an extra couple of minutes if you prefer a hard boiled egg.
  • Once cooked, run under cold water to cool, and gently crack the shell of the egg. DO NOT PEEL THE EGGS
  • While the eggs cooking, boil all the other ingredients for 10 minutes in a small pan – this is the marinade
  • Remove tea bags and leave marinade to cool
  • Once cool, place cracked eggs and marinade into a covered container and leave for at least 24 hours in the fridge! It’s best to find a small Tupperware so that the eggs can be fully submerged. If there is not enough marinade to cover the eggs completely, add more soya sauce and water.
  • When the wait is over….
  • Carefully peel eggs to eat! We like to eat them whole as a snack, or cut up into wedges on a salad or slice and put on buttered toast. YUM!

Hope you enjoy our eggy recipes! What are your favourite ways to eat eggs? Let us know on the comments below, or message us!

Malaysian words:

Telur = egg

Bawang = onion

Dadar = pancake

Telur Dadar = egg pancake = omelette !

Sambal = spicy Malaysian sauce, order some on our online shop!