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Rambling: Our Story

Throwback to the day after lockdown was announced last year! Day drinking was 100% allowed.⁠ And necessary.

We were still cooking from home and had taken orders for local home deliveries so there was a bit of a panic and a freak out followed by a nap and a woosah. And then we decided that the safest thing to do was to shut shop ⁠until we could figure out a new way of working which was safe for everyone.

We did try the route of personally home delivering orders but soon realised we were not a fan of driving around town and getting lost with Kat’s directions…ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, we went back to the drawing board to figure out how to send food out safely through a courier/postal service that was not Kat & Sue… And this is what happened:

A LOT of research and testing⁠… We spent a good 3-4 weeks ordering samples, carrying out tests, failing, learning lessons and finally finding the best resources to package our products

We relaunched our online shop

Kat moved in⁠

and the MM we know today was born!

Yup, that’s our story folks! Not quite book material yet.. maybe one day 🙂

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Rambling: Why We Do What We Do!

So this isn’t the most flattering picture of us – we’re sweaty, full and sleepy from ALL the food but we’re SO HAPPY! And that’s just what it’s like in Malaysia, it’s humid, you’re hot and, more often than not, uncomfortably full but still loving life because you’re surrounded by amazing food!!

⁠These roadside plastic tables & chairs where food is served on colourful, delicious plates from different food stalls are where we spent most of our childhood – before school with breakfast roti canais, after school for some chicken rice … and sometimes sneaking out of school to Makan some indo mee. Basically being surrounded by food was always our hang out of choice (except for coin beer- IFYKYK ) ⁠

⁠All the memories and good times had whilst eating at places just like this one, is why food is so important to us. And it’s not just us, it’s part of the Malaysian culture – we’ve not yet met a Malaysian who isn’t obsessed with food! ⁠

⁠So we can’t bring you the tropical weather, BUT hopefully it’s not long now until we can host our supper clubs again where we fully transform venues to bring you THE Malaysian experience!  But until then you can still order some tropical flavours from us online and create your own Malaysian experience right at home – unsweaty and without the fear of someone taking a photo of your food coma face  ⁠

⁠We deliver nationwide so anywhere in the UK, we’ve got you covered. Follow this link  for information about delivery for next week. ⁠

P.S We went for a ‘run’ before this meal so we could eat more. And we DEFINITELY ate too much more.

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Rambling: Malaysia’s National Dish

Coconut Rice, Sambal, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Cucumber & Egg.. that’s right, it’s NASI LEMAK

Nasi Lemak directly translates as fatty/rich rice which is perfect because it is sooo rich in all the flavours… it’s spicy and cooling, crunchy and soft and smells SO SEXY. It’s Malaysia’s national dish and we eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!⁠

The best Nasi Lemaks are the ones you get from roadside stalls that come all wrapped up in a perfect little banana leaf pyramid and you barely make it round the corner before you can resist breaking into it and having a little nibble….⁠

We try our best to recreate this vibe for you with our Nasi Lemak kits and though we can’t send it to you all packed up in a neat little triangle (sorry … but maybe at one of our supper clubs when they happen again) we do give you the tools to DIY, including the banana leaf!⁠

So order your kit today and send us your creations… we love to see them!

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Recipe: Brinjal Assam Jawa – Power to the Aubergine!

This easy-bake dish is the perfect midweek dinner – quick and tasty to help you get you through to the weekend! Tangy, spicy aubergines like you’ve never had them before!

Serves 4 people



2 aubergines – quartered lengthways and scored

2 medium carrots – diced chunky

2 shallots

3 garlic cloves


2 tbsp The Sambal (2 tablespoons makes a hot sauce, use 1 tbsp/less if you want a milder meal)

120ml tamarind concentrate

2 tsp tomato purée

1 tbsp dark soya sauce

2.5 tbsp sugar (gula melaka works best, but regular sugar works too)

200ml water


Sesame seeds

Sliced spring onions


Preheat oven to: Fan 180°C | Electric 200°C | Gas Mark 6

  • Slice the shallots and garlic and then chuck them into a large roasting dish with the aubergines and carrots
  • Lightly coat in oil (we use sunflower oil but olive & vegetable etc work too)
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Put in the oven for 10 minutes, flip the aubergines, then put back in the oven for a further 5 minutes

Whilst the veg is in the oven…

  • Make up the sauce by mixing all of the sauce ingredients in a bowl or measuring jug

Once the aubergines are cooked

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Recipe: Crispy baked BBQ Sambal chicken wings

There’s probably no such thing as guilt-free chicken wings… but at least these ones aren’t fried?? Don’t worry, they’ve still got that sexy crispiness to satisfy your naughty wing desires. This is a tasty little snack to knock up with fairly minimal effort… (as with most of our recipes)



900g chicken wings

1 tbsp baking powder (NOT bicarbonate of soda)

1 tsp garlic powder


2 tbsp sambal

5 tbsp BBQ sauce

1 tsp salt

couple splashes of lime juice (fresh if you have it!)


Preheat oven to Fan 180°C | Electric 200°C | Gas Mark 6


  • Pat the chicken wings dry with some kitchen roll
  • Coat in baking powder and garlic powder and cover as much of the surface as possible
  • Spread out on lined baking tray – no overlapping!
  • Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake for 40 minutes


  • Mix up all the sauce ingredients in a bowl, have a taste and add more heat if you can handle it
  • … that’s it

All together

  • Once the wings are cooked and crispy, take out the oven and brush the sauce alllllll over them
  • Serve up immediately!
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Rambling: Are you missing out?

HAVE YOU BEEN MISSING OUT?!  If you’ve not had a taste of all the wonderful flavours of Malaysian dining then yes, yes you have. It’s the reason we started Makan Malaysia – to share Malaysia with you, through food! And we want as many people to taste the amazingness as possible! 

‘Makan’ means ‘eat’ and it’s a very important word for us, not just because we LOVE to eat, but we also believe that food is one of the best ways to explore and learn about a country… It’s definitely one of the tastiest ways!

We started off spreading the Malaysian love through supper clubsand private dinners where we took our guest on a journey through Malaysia with our dishes – exploring different regions and discovering a world of flavours! This year, after we were no longer able to host events, we wanted to make sure everyone could still get their Malaysian fix so started delivering meals right to your door!

Whether you’re trying Malaysian food for the first time or haven’t been able to travel back home and are missing those comforting flavours, we’ve got you! Just head to our online shop browse the menu, place your order online and wait for that yummy package to arrive at your door!

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Rambling: We Are Responsible

The planet we live on is the only one we have, so it is important to look after it! This is why we try our best to make sure we consider sustainability and the environment as much as possible in our business. We that you recognise that this is reflected across our products and services: ⁠

⁠ALL our food packaging is plastic free and home compostable or recyclable – right down to our ziplock bags, vacuum pack bags and sticker labels! These are made from vegetable starches which mean they can be put with all your other veg waste in the compost bin 🙂 ⁠

Our delivery boxes and insulation are completely curbside recyclable and the icepacks are reusable or safe too our down your sink. The only time we will ever use non-recyclable packaging is if we are repurposing materials sent to us..⁠.

⁠We have an extensive vegan menu, and have given each vegan dish a lot of thought and care because we know how disappointing it is when the vegan option is pretty lame and uninspiring. We’ve also hosted sell out vegan supper clubs pre-covid and are looking forward to doing it again when we are able to!⁠

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Rambling: How we make your food safely!

We hope you guys are ready for a food safety lesson today! This giant piece of equipment is our Blast Chiller and it is key to how we get food SAFELY and deliciously anywhere in the UK from our kitchen in Reading 

⁠Sue likes to call it the opposite of an oven, which it is .. or you could call it a reaaaaallly powerful fridge. But basically, it circulates really really cold air around freshly cooked hot food to cool it down as quickly as possible to get it out of “the danger zone” (real industry term, between 8C and 65C) which is the temperature range where bacteria can rapidly grow and multiply  ⁠

⁠Once the food is cooled nice and quickly, we then vacuum pack it in non-plastic bags and by removing all the air, we limit the growth of aerobic bacteria and funghi and extend the fridge life of the sexy food inside! Bonus point: vacuum packing food means that the package is super slim so that you can slide it right into your fridge or freezer and fill it up with even more food!⁠

⁠Once everything is packed and wrapped in specially insulated boxes with gel packs to keep food out of the danger zone we use a 24 hour courier to send orders out to you! All you have to do is decide if you’re going to heat up and makan right away or keep it in the fridge or freezer for later!⁠

⁠Side note: this is the ONLY time we’ve ever used our pallet lifter for its intended use which is why we had to document the moment….usually it’s a giant skateboard or box storage  Soo turns out not necessary buy. Still a fun one though! 

⁠Anyway, hope you enjoyed our food safety lesson today and feel confident that we are doing all the right things to get food to you safely! Order on our website for delivery next week!

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Recipe: Nasi Goreng – Have it your way!

One of the first dishes we cooked together (and still cook A LOT) is Nasi Goreng

NASI = rice and GORENG = fried.

There are so many wonderful things about Nasi Goreng … it can be simple, complicated, spicy, mild, veggie, meaty, eaten hot, eaten for breakfast, eaten as a main, or a side, for hungover days, for dinner parties, with a spoon, with a hand .. the list goes on! But one of the best things about it is that you can generally make it with any random leftovers in the kitchen. This was especially useful to us during university when we would just fry together some leftover rice with eggs, forgotten fridge vegetables and soy sauce – sometimes if we were lucky there was the odd frankfurter lying around too. It was simple but so comforting and just plain yummy.

As we grew our kitchen skills our Nasi Goreng became a little more sophisticated and it’s one of our favourite things to cook for friends. We’d always cook way too much but somehow managed to make it through the wokful of rice with everyone going back for third and fourth helpings (this did not lead to very productive evenings …) It’s just such a friendly dish for everyone to share and an easy accompaniment to stir-fries and curries. If you haven’t already tried making it, definitely give Nasi Goreng a go – get creative and get frying!

Whilst out here in Malaysia we’ve been sampling all sorts of fried rice from roadside stalls, markets and restaurants – all have been amazing! Unfortunately, they don’t usually last long enough for us to take a picture and we’ve only managed to capture 2 to share with you guys so far.. sorry! One of these was sticky fried rice served up at a dim sum restaurant and the other was special fried rice served with some char siew pork, acar and chilli sauce YUM. recipe nasi goreng makanmalaysia

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Recipe: Gimme that Rice. All of it.

Brown, white, jasmine, basmati… we love all the rice! It took us a while to learn how to cook the perfect rice (in big batches too) but after a lot of failed batches and rice tears we finally cracked it! Which is great because we eat rice all. day. long. Rice and egg, rice and curry, fried rice, rice with sambal.. mmmm we’re getting ourselves hungryy

Here’s our quick guide to making the perfect rice, without a rice cooker.

First and foremost rinse your rice. Either run it through a sieve until the water is clear or add water to your pan with the rice, swirl it around and pour out the water and then repeat a few times! This removes any impurities and excess starch to stop your rice getting stodgy

Jasmine Rice

This is a delicate little rice that should be handled with a little TLC to stop it turning to mush. If made right, this rice will be fluffy with a slightly sticky texture so the grains clump together a little – super helpful when eating with chopsticks!

Basmati Rice

The sturdiest of all rices. It’s dry, firm and holds its shape when cooked. Unlike Jasmine, this rice does not clump together. This makes it the perfect candidate for the likes of coconut rice and fried rice – at least we think so anyway!

The method for cooking Jasmine and Basmati rice is the same:

  • Measure out 100ml of rice per person and then add to a saucepan with 130ml of water per person and a pinch of salt (So if you’re cooking for 2 people, it will be 200ml of rice with 260ml water).
  • Bring to boil over a medium heat, then turn heat right down low and cover with a lid.
  • Simmer for 15 minutes until the rice is cooked and there’s no liquid left in the pan – don’t stir or open lid whilst cooking!
  • Use a fork to gently fluff up the Jasmine Rice       

Brown Rice

Obviously, the healthiest option here but don’t hold that against it! This rice is filling and has strong nutty flavour to it. Great for all occasions!


  • Measure out 100ml of rice per person
  • Cover and soak in water for half an hour
  • Drain the water and then add to a saucepan with 130ml of water per person and a pinch of salt
  • Bring to boil then turn the heat down and cover with a lid, simmer for 15 minutes until cooked 🙂

Coconut Rice

Our signature coconut rice! Super simple for you to make and enjoy at home 🙂


Ingredients (serves 4):

400ml Basmati Rice, rinsed

1 x 400ml tin coconut milk

120ml water

1 x Pandan Leaf, knotted

2 x sticks lemongrass, bruised

1 x pinch salt


  • Put the rice, coco milk, water and salt in a saucepan and mix to combine
  • Stick the lemongrass into the rice and place the pandan leaf in a knot on top
  • Bring to boil over medium heat, then turn the heat right down low and cover with lid
  • Simmer for 15 minutes until rice is cooked

Hopefully this has been helpful .. once you’ve nailed rice, your culinary opportunities are endless! … as long as you like rice… but who doesn’t??